Our strategy

Our key strategic objective is to optimise value for every asset in our portfolio.

In May 2015 the Group announced a new long-term strategy that embraces different operating models for our pubs to allow the Group to respond to changing markets, consumer needs and regulation and to best serve our publicans, employees and the communities in which they are based.

Our strategy is designed to deliver significant value to shareholders by optimising the returns from each asset within our property portfolio.

To achieve this, we have developed a broader mix of operating models, employing our four stage process to optimise the use of every asset and underpin value creation.

Stage 1.  Analyse
To comprehensively understand the consumer marketplace in which each of our pubs is located and determine which retail propositions most effectively meet the needs of those consumers.
This uses the segmentation tool that has been developed for ei group to plot where each pub should be in the food/drink and premium/value offering space.

Stage 2.  Match
To match each of our pubs with the retail proposition that should enable its success.
Taking the recommendations from the segmentation tool, the proposed pub offer is then matched up with the most 
suitable retail offer.

Stage 3.  Evaluate
To select the best operating model to support the delivery of the chosen retail proposition.
This considers which operating model can deliver the best returns for a particular retail proposition in a particular site, and looks at a variety of measures to determine the correct model.

Stage  4.  Execute
To implement the operating model and retail proposition to deliver the greatest value from each asset.
This is about executing the plan for each individual asset at the optimum time for the Group to deliver the greatest returns

Our business units

To be truly successful we must be confident about the strengths and capabilities of our operating models. They have been developed as best suited to optimise the range of retail propositions identified from the segmentation exercise, most of these operating models extend beyond individual retail propositions and some operating segments overlap creating competition and ultimately the optimum outcome for the Group.

To find out more about our business units click on one of the links below:

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Ei Managed Operations

Ei Managed Investments

Stategic execution

The diagrams below show the indicative shape of the Group by 2020 and the progress made toward that target. The targets are set in the context of the mix of retail propositions in our estate and linked to the operating model best suited to optimise value.