Our vision & values

In 2016 we launched our new vision & values into the business. We recognise that a strong organisation culture with clarity on its vision and values binds the business around shared goals, values and behaviours. This work provides clarity and consistency for our business units as they pursue their ambitions and is designed to enhance our performance and deliver success. Together our vision & values allow the company to be more than just a sum of its parts. We have cascaded our vision 7 values down throughout the business and will now look to fully embed them in everything we do.


“To be recognised as the most innovative, progressive, value-creating portfolio manager of pubs and properties in the UK”

The group enhances value by ensuring the right offer is available in each of its assets, supported by the best people under the most appropriate operating model. Under-pinning our model, and critical to its success, is a broad range of support functions. The Group’s success towards its business model is measured by its business performance KPIs.


Our people are talented in a wide range of disciplines and our shared values help guide us in the work we do every day and how we do it.

Our vision and values