Milford Arms

Natalie Coleshill. Milford Arms, TW7 4EY

This pub really is the hub! We have worked hard to attract every part of community in what is a very diverse culture locally, bringing the community together. We haven't just made a point of harnessing multiculturalism we also have looked to age ranges, backgrounds and sexes! We are involved in outside events working with the local college, council, residents associations, sit on the 'Friends of Thornbury Park, and regularly have the care homes in for various functions as well as working with the police and pub watch to promote social cohesion. We do this with charitable events, regular meetings, our own events, music and sport to name a few.

I helped form and sit on the Friends of Thornbury Park as treasurer and vice chair to promote and improve the local park (which is a very troubled park with years of drug and crime history) to improve the area. I host residents’ association meetings and invite speakers and police to address any problems proactively.

The local care homes are welcomed in with their carers. We assist in any way we can and provide learning and music work shops on their regular visits.

We have fund raised for many charities for our locals- one being Fight for Sight. We put on auctions, raffles and entertainment, all done in house with no charge so the money goes directly to the charity with fun karaoke, race nights and more.

Euro 2016 was particularly successful in bringing in many teams, support for Poland being as busy a game as England. We have done that with a broad range of drinks stocked and a generally welcoming atmosphere.

Friends of Thornbury Park installed outdoor gym equipment and fund raised multiple charities on themed night - Fight for Sight being one.

The Beer festival fund raised for Fight for Sight and included a family fun day to promote the pub for families to use (after it had a bad reputation historically), with sports and art clubs involved at no charge.

Resident association meetings with local police and PCSO involved.

Hounslow Council Arts committee where facilities can be used for expression/performance of art.

Cultivate London - locally organically London grown fruit and veg with a weekly special, with a donation to them from the dish sale. Young people in particular get involved.

Relationship with the local college for apprentices and training schemes.

Relationship building with the local mosque (helping with the car park on busy worship days/events) with a longer term look at open day events.

We ran a charity karaoke for Heart Research UK after a regular unexpectedly passed away with heart complications. We have since been instrumental in setting up a national quiz with My Big IQ to fund raise nationally

The park needs football goals! If we got this money it would benefit the community massively. I believe sport and art are at the heart of social cohesion and the pub can go a long way to harness this. We are the only pub near (in fact directly opposite) so the pub would of course benefit by having a pub team as well as attracting players for after drinks socially. I also want to make beer festivals quarterly where I can put on more community driven stalls with local businesses. The funds would help me build my kit to effectively do this- gazebos, stills, cooling jackets etc. I could then also branch into farmer's markets with the equipment there.