The Plough Inn

Ed Lowe. The Plough Inn, Wellington, Telford

The Plough is well known for its charity work - Our Heroes (armed forces) and also others like Cancer Research, Air Ambulance and Alderhay Childrens’ Hospital. This year was the 7th annual Our Heroes event at The Plough. Our target was to hit £16,350 to bring us up to £100,000 in 7 years. So I’m glad to say that we achieved this; so far £100,060. We will continue to support all our brave women and men who serve us so loyally. Also we invited one of our local schools to design and paint on the pubs side wall, this was very popular with the locals. It was done to coincide with Remembrance Day. Our local royal British legion were overwhelmed. Myself and the locals helped run stalls for the poppy appeal in local supermarkets; a great success- lest we forget.

We always welcome people with a handshake which is always commented on. They say this never happens in any other pub. We go out of our way to help our local elderly who live in flats across the road, shopping for them or chatting. They love the Our Heroes event and always seem to find something to donate. Customers always help us set up and prepare our annual event that attracts 2,000 to 3,000 people. They see The Plough as a real hero pub. One of our customers, Cpl Ricky Ferguson MC, who was horrifically injured in Afghanistan is the patron of our charity and can not believe how we pull the community together for a good cause.

We have been at The Plough for about 72 years, and in that time we have done Cancer Charities, Alderhay Childrens’ Hospital and local causes such as a young boy being injured by a car or an elderly lady being burgled, which raised money for repairs and stolen goods. Our main charities are the Gurkha Association, Scotty's Little Heroes, Walking with the Wounded, RAF benevolent fund and not forgettting the Veteran Bugle Association to whom we are grateful for turning out for our events and providing the last post at veterans funerals. This they do all over the country.

He gave people a giant fun day out at Our Heroes event and raised a total of £100,060-63p in 7 years so a big thanks goes to our local community.

If we won an award, it would enable us to invest in prizes and entertainment on our special day. This would help us reach new targets and provide help for other good causes. The publicity alone would lift our profile on a wider scale. Ei group were a huge help to us last year. They provided us with banners and our area manager, Matt Obrey, turned up at our event and supported us, which was very pleasing. So winning this would be a fitting reward for our other volunteers and the 3,000 or so community that turn out to support us.