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Being part of the local community is the key to the way we run our business.

Supporting local people and groups to make lives of local people easier underpins who we area.  We are the community pub and have been from the beginning. This is demonstrated in many different ways - fund raising, being a drop off/collection point for local produce, supporting outside events and activities, supporting and monitoring local people who are on their own.  Providing opportunities for people to share events i.e. opening through election nights, hosting art exhibitions and local music events.  We are a drop off point for our local ‘eat or heat' charity as well as for the Calais migrants run.  We have developed a thriving theatre and we negotiate with each production/event team to have some ‘free' tickets that we give to people or families we know would love to attend but cannot afford it.  We provide a free venue for street parties when the weather stops theirs, we also run beer tents for local street parties as we are part of the community and see working in the community as a necessity.  This includes supporting our local children's centre with their fund raising events.

This year our fund raising monies are approx. £14,743.00

Having a venue with space allows us to be generous to local organisations.  So far this year we have hosted: Waltham Forest Stand up Against Racism Art Auction, Quizzes for Women V Cancer, Eat or Heat, E17 Migrants and the Red Cross and a Film evening to raise monies for Calais caravan.

Our 24 hour Stow-a-Ton [None stop music event] raised money for E17 Migrants and included 24+local band, choirs and many musicians.

One member of the team had her hair cut for the first time to raise money for the Little Princess Trust who provide real hair wigs for children suffering hair loss. 5 inches of hair and £1600 was donated to the charity.

We supported the local Music Festival in the park by hosting two musical evenings to raise money for the music tent and musician to take part. Collection boxes so far have raised £1329.67.

We hosted a street music event for local people. We used the £500 we won in lasts year's Community Hero's to buy food from the vendors for the people living in the sheltered housing that is our nearest neighbours and some older regulars

There is so much that we have been involved with that it is difficult to condense.

Our biggest achievement is being the heart of our community, pulling people together helping to make it stronger.

We are a major player in the E17 arts trail and Stow music event, as well as developing the theatre which hosts local, national and international artists, ensuring some free tickets for those in need.  Our 24hour Stow-a-thon and art exhibitions of local artists support artists and provide free opportunities.

Hosting meals/parties for OAP groups, people with learning difficulties and the homeless. 

We are a catalyst for people to link together and start a variety of different groups and activities.  Supporting a variety of groups to raise monies, develop what they do and what they can offer.

We partnership with homeless projects-children's charities, food banks, art organisations, schools and nurseries. 

We are partner in the development of a Walthamstow Beer. Local people grow a hop they pick up from us, grown hops are returned to us or the local brewery where we ‘help' with the brewing and give away the beer to the growers. 

We provide space for new parents to meet, self-defence classes and film evenings to happen.

As we have a theatre and feel that giving access to live entertainment is important, we want to produce a pantomime that is available for everyone to attend.  We would use the money to put it on, but would not need to realise a profit from the ticket sales.  This would mean that we could give away many of the tickets to families that are unable to afford to attend.  We would do this through a number of local organisations that we already work with, The Lloyd Park Children's Centre, The Limes, who work with families that have children with additional needs, Eat or Heat [food bank], and Christian Kitchen [homeless charity]. We would also sell tickets so that nobody would feel stigmatised.  Within the cost of a ticket would be a soft drink so again everyone could have a drink in the interval without feeling uncomfortable.

If we won the £1000 we plan to put on a children mini music event in partnership with a local music school and others, involving children not already playing instruments.

If we were lucky enough to win the national then we would be looking to invest in developing a sustainable annual street music event with partners we already work with, i.e. Walthamstow Folk-Stow Festival-Artillery.  This would be free and be aimed at giving younger local musicians a platform and local people an event that links a variety of different groups together.