Our publicans

We are totally committed to empowering our publicans to develop and run great British pubs for the benefit of their local communities.

At the heart of every successful pub is a great publican. Our philosophy is to empower our publicans to run thei​r pub business, their way.  We offer all the help and support they require to develop a successful business. This includes business-building activities to increase footfall, extend customer dwell time, improve their margin through great product deals and increase their turnover.

Our publicans also enjoy access to industry leading training courses designed for people new to the business as those with many year’s experience.

We encourage feedback and suggestions so that we can strive to provide them with the highest levels of help and support throughout their time as ei group publicans. Regular feedback can be provided via their Regional Manager and Divisional Director.

Adrian Emmett

Lion Hotel, Treorchy

Adrian and his team have won the prestigious Ei Group Pub of the Year Award.

His pub was chosen by our judges from the individual category winners of all the Ei Group Awards entrants. Adrian won the Best Community Hub pub of the year.

Community Hero Award Winner


Paul Lightwood

Sitwell Arms, Morton

”I have been in the pub trade for over 30 years. I know what it takes to run a good pub and with the help of Ei Publican Partnerships we will be able to put this pub back in the centre of the local community”


Ei Group Awards for Excellence

The Ei Group Awards have been created to recognise the outstanding publicans and operators in our estate, their highly committed teams, the pubs at the heart of their local communities as well as operational excellence across the Group. They provide us with the opportunity to celebrate the success of these outstanding people, learn from them and help and inspire other publicans to raise retail standards and business performance.