Key Facts

Our vision

“To be recognised as the most innovative, progressive, value-creating portfolio manager of pubs and properties in the UK”

Our values

  • Respect - "Walk in each other’s shoes.”
  • Service-led – “Think service first.”
  • Innovative – “Stay ahead of the game”
  • Collaborative – “Pull together.”
  • Commercial – “Drive for results.”


  • Ei group – Helping entrepreneurial publicans thrive in local communities.
  • Ei group ​​is the leading operator of and investor in leased and tenanted pubs in the UK, with our publicans serving communities up and down the country.
  • ​We have over 4,500 pubs, each a small retail business in its own right, run by its own publican, employing local people and supporting local suppliers and the local economy. We also have a growing estate of directly managed pubs and commercial property.
  • Our goal is to help entrepreneurial publicans thrive in local communities by giving them the opportunity to run their own pubs in their own way, without having to shoulder the significant cost of buying a pub freehold or ta​king on a retail franchise. It is a highly successful model that has been around for decades, through good times and bad.

Our market

  • Circa 51,000 pubs in the UK (source BBPA statistics).
  • 27,000 leased and tenanted pubs.
  • Over 4,500 ei group pubs.
  • Over 15 million people in the UK visit a pub at least once a week.
  • The pub sector contributes over £18 billion to the UK economy and the average pub injects around £80,000 a year into its local economy.
  • 800,000 jobs are sustained by the pub industry across the UK, with small businesses accounting for 80% of pubs.
  • Nearly half of those employed by pubs are under the age of 25, with the industry doing its part to fight the problem of youth unemployment.

Our strategy

Our key strategic objective is to optimize value creation for every asset in our portfolio through:

  • Building a broader mix of operating models
  • Recruiting and retaining the best people
  • Optimising returns from each asset
  • Identifying the appropriate capital allocation to enhance returns

Our business

Business units

  • Ei Publican Partnerships – Reinvigorated leased and tenanted
  • Ei Commercial Properties
  • Ei Managed Operations (Craft Union Pub Company & Bermondsey Pub Company)
  • Ei Managed Investments - Partnering with highly experienced pub operators

General information

  • Ei group has a diverse portfolio of pubs, ranging from high street to country locations.
  • We have the widest product range available to publicans in the industry, from international brands to local microbrewery beers.
  • We offer a choice of flexible agreements.
  • Our publicans benefit from the business development support of a Regional Manager, backed by central services such as training, marketing and property.
  • We aim to provide our stakeholders with sustainable growth in like-for-like net income across our estate. We focus on four key differentiating activities:
    ​- Enhancing the quality of our estate. Attracting and retaining the right publicans. Selling in smarter ways to optimise our and our publicans' income and providing our publicans with exceptional support.
    We make running a pub business accessible to many people where purchasing the freehold for a site is not an option.
    An Ei group lease or tenancy will promote an entrepreneurial pub business run with autonomy and pride by the publican.
    We run Beacon 'managed tenancy' agreements where we get much more involved with our publicans operational decision, retail offerings and retail standards.
  • We currently run a small number of managed houses. They are split across three retail styles: community wet led, family dining and food led pubs.
  • We run a Managed expert partnership with a number of experienced industry operators.
  • We run a Commercial property business to ensure we realise the greatest value from each of our property assets.

Contributing to the local community

Our ongoing partnership with The Royal British Legion has enabled us to sell Poppy Beer in our pubs since 2015 and to date raise over £22,500. This donation goes to providing support to the armed forces community.

In addition to centrally organised charitable work, our pubs, both leased and tenanted and managed, run and coordinate their own local and community focused charity events, helping to cement them at the heart of their communities.