ei publican partnerships

To work in partnership with our publicans to develop great pub businesses

Our leased and tenanted estate continues to be our core business and we strive to maintain our like-for-like net income growth by supporting publicans to continually grow their businesses. We pride ourselves on our ability to attract and retain new and experienced entrepreneurial publicans to run our pubs and continually reassess our offer to ensure that both the nature of our contractual agreements and the range of support we provide is competitive and impactful. Whilst we expect the size of our Publican Partnerships estate to gradually reduce, we will endeavour to continually improve its quality.

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Meet some of our award winning publicans

We attract and work with some of the best entrepreneurial publicans in the industry. We recognise and celebrate their achievements.

Peter Clements, The British Oak, Blackheath, London


Beacon Partnership Agreement

Within the leased and tenanted business, Enterprise operates its Beacon division, which offers publicans a comprehensive support package with a market leading retail offer. Beacon pubs operate nationwide and have mainstream customer appeal, offering a value environment and acting as a support and hub for local sports teams. Each pub benefits from the ‘Your Pub’ retail agenda, supporting publicans in establishing and growing trade with guidance on merchandising, ensuring product quality, marketing and retail standards.


Heather Gamwells, The Springvale Tavern

Heather is a Beacon publican and when asked what she thought about working with Beacon she said

“Running a Beacon pub is like going Bowling with the bumpers up, you still get the full experience of running your own business but you always know you have got the support there to keep the business on the right path. My Regional Manager comes to see me about once every 4 weeks for meeting. Every month we discuss how the business is doing and he gives me ideas on how to improve things, he keeps me up to date with what is happening with marketing support, products and key events. We normally finish with that months Your Pub Topic. This helps me to look at areas of my pub with fresh eyes, whether it be the posters on the wall, product on the bar or how my team should behave, all there to grow sales for me. It is great that he leaves a copy of the topics for me so I can then go through it with my team. My pub has really grown in the last six months with the help of My Regional Manager and the Beacon Team.”