Best Bermondsey Pub

Waldorf, Manchester

Rebecca Roddis

The Waldorf in Manchester is always busy with various events and activity, in a well-managed environment. With a function room upstairs and the pub always being on the button for big Manchester events, in particular Manchester City football games, this pub is one we are rightly proud of.

The pub is run by Becky and her team. Becky has taken the Waldorf and worked closely with Bermondsey to drive phenomenal standards.

Becky is one of our ‘go-to’ General Managers for inducting new starters and has the utmost respect of the Manchester team as being the face of her business. 

She has recently been further rewarded in the last month by a move to execute Bermondsey’s first pub in Sheffield, The Fox & Duck. This is a great move for Becky, as Sheffield is her home town, but she has also completed a succinct handover of the Waldorf to make sure we stay consistent.