Best Joint Investment

Snooty Fox Tavern, Lonsdale

Thomas, Oliver, Chris and Jayne Ledsham

The Snooty was once a renowned pub across England but had been left to deteriorate. The Snooty Fox sign precariously dangled over Main St and was almost a metaphor of the soul and energy of the building. The Ledsham Family felt that it was absolutely essential that before they begun, they addressed the kerb appeal of The Snooty. A comprehensive overhaul of paintwork and signage gave the pub the fresh and clean look that was needed, and instantly provided vivacity and finesse.

Phase two, the interior. The Ledshams commented that this was the most daunting task of all due to the sheer size and time that they had to fit the project in. They had been open for a year by this point and wanted to minimise disruption to the flow of trade. Ei Publican Partnerships worked with the family to bring in a designer to oversee the project and help Jayne Ledsham to create a home from home environment, including bespoke light fittings, and brand new bar with an entirely new feeling.

Ei Publican Partnerships helped to retain all the original furniture and refurbish it which helped to keep the charm of The Snooty Fox. All plumbing, decorating and electrics were updated and brought a touch of quality, comfort and luxury to a pub that has craved it such a long time.