Best Marketing Initiative

The White Horse, Dover

Julian Crowley and Stuart Fox

Publicans Julian and Stuart knew that, from the offset, a strong, persistent marketing drive became a key element to the White Horse's success. They also knew that being fun would generate more attention than taking life too seriously! The pub was always known for being the "Channel swimmers pub" so it made sense to Julian and Stuart to use that in their marketing. They started taking photos of signatures off the walls and swimmers themselves and promoting this daily through the hash tag #FeaturedChannelSwimmerOfTheDay on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. As a lot of swimmers were from overseas, this reached a huge international audience.

Running concurrently to this was daily photos of new drinks, visiting customers, staff modelling lost property, food, their staff and even the poor Draymen have had to pose for pictures for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

However, Julian did things a little different in his most recent marketing venture, he spun what was a negative review and made the most of one of the comments! The review referred to a number of "Posers sat at the bar".

Julian and Stuart initially put out a social media post of the review asking which of his lovely customers wanted to step up and take credit for being the "poseur at the bar". This generated so much positive attention and comments on their social media pages, Julian went on to create a hash tag to use #PoseursAtTheBar and even had the chalk board artist visit the pub to write "Poseurs At The Bar" above the bar. Tourists and locals alike now pose, take selfies and even bring in props to "pose" under the sign. A negative has been turned into a positive and customers are now happily posing under the sign which has far reaching audiences across social media.