Best Multiple Operator

Bruno Nunes,  Creative Hospitality Group

Having always been involved in business and having worked within managed organisations such as SFI Group, Scottish & Newcastle, Laurel Pub Co and Inventive Leisure, Bruno and his then business partner decided that the time was right to branch out on their own and opened their first site with Ei Publican Partnerships, Peppermint in Swansea. 

It was a market that they knew and understood well and proved to be immediately successful. Each business and each concept that they have developed since then, has received the same structured approach; understand the market, decide the concept that will work in that market and finally adapt that concept through design and operation to fit the space in which they are working. The team have expanded at quite a rate and Bruno has recognised that his success has been achieved through the hard work and commitment of each member of his team. To ensure that their expansion is sustainable, the team have invested heavily in creating an environment in which people want to come to work. Reward and recognition are extremely important to Bruno. Creative Hospitality Group provides additional benefits, such as a staff discount scheme, staff accommodation of a very high standard, and they even have their own HR department and training department and offer a clear progression path within the organisation.

Bruno said "I often joke that my desire is for world domination but in reality, I am looking to genuinely make a positive difference in the hospitality industry and to create a legacy that we (myself and the team around me) can all be proud of."