Best Turnaround

Horse & Jockey Hotel, Liverpool

Adam and Sue Franklin

When Adam and Sue took on the Horse & Jockey, the exterior was overgrown and dark with no lighting, and caused a number of issues within the local community.  The pub was cold, unwelcoming, had no food offer and children were not welcome. Adam and Sue recognised the need for a family friendly, welcoming and safe environment within the community and set to work implementing important boundaries to get the Horse & Jockey one step closer to the pub it is today. 

The first phase of their transformation involved closing the site to perform essential maintenance and repairs and to completely redecorate the interior and exterior which improved the kerb appeal. They team also introduced a basic pub favourites food menu, and implemented a strict behaviour and dress code policy. With simple changes, Adam and Sue started to see a huge change in the clientele that frequented the pub, welcoming more and more families. 

For the second phase of the project, Adam and Sue worked collaboratively with Ei Publican Partnerships to complete a major joint investment. The pub closed for four weeks whilst the furnishings in the bar and restaurant areas were refreshed. They completely transformed the back bar and installed an open plan pizza prep and oven area along with brand new kitchen equipment after which Adam used his experience as a chef to change the menu, introducing a wider variety of dishes. Outdoor lighting was installed to brighten the surrounding areas and an outdoor area was added with festoon lighting, decking, tables, chairs and umbrellas. 

Adam and Sue have firmly embedded themselves into the local community as a mid-market food pub, and are now working to maintain this through a concentrated marketing effort. The couple hired a marketing and PR freelancer in the village who they are working closely with to shout about fantastic things they do. Adam is now working closely with his son, Sam and brother, Dee to continue to develop the food offer and Sue has firmly established a welcomed reputation amongst customers as 'Pub Mum'.