Our approach

Ei Group is totally committed to the delivery of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. ​We recognise our duty to operate the business in an ethical and responsible manner. Our CSR strategy, agenda and implementation plans are developed for Ei Group people and operations and to help, support and influence all of our publicans.

Our pubs and publicans operate at the heart of the communities they serve, providing a diverse range of goods, services and facilities to local residents, businesses and visitors whilst making a valuable contribution to the local economy.

We remain committed to operating our business in an ethical and responsible manner and to manage those responsibilities effectively.

Our CSR delivery framework is based on five strategic drivers, these are community, environment, our people, our publicans and responsible retailing, we refer to these as 'pillars' that ensure we make a real and sustainable difference to our people and publicans and the communities we serve.

We continue to evolve our CSR agenda and recognise that it can play a significant part in recruitment, leading and influencing our publicans as well as our own people and operations, more so now that we have adopted new operating models and are able to more closely translate our own values onto the retail side of the business.