Why Ei Group

We are the largest pub company in the UK, with over 4,500 properties that are predominantly run as leased and tenanted pubs. We also have a commercial property business and run a number or directly managed pubs.

We are always looking for talented people to join either our head office team, one of our group businesses, or  to manage or work in one of our pubs. We also have opportunities all over the country to run your own pub.

Ei group has around 1200 talented people totally committed to ensuring our publicans receive outstanding support, advice, service and products to run a successful pub business. We also have a commercial property business and managed house division with a range of exciting roles and opportunities to suit everyone.

For over 20 years we have helped thousands of people to realise their dream of running their own successful pub business. They all chose the UK's leading leased and tenanted pub company as their business partner. We offer an exceptional portfolio of quality pubs, destination food venues through to sports and community pubs. They are located in town centres, villages and at the heart of many communities. We also offer a range of agreements, great training, property support, marketing help and advice and the expertise of  a Regional Manager.